About Me

I work in The Times of India Group, India’s largest media group. I have worked in new business development, brand management and strategy roles across Times’ print, music and education arms.

I am fascinated by how internet + mobile are impacting traditional business models in news media and higher education, the opportunities arising therein, and the economics underlying these opportunities. I write on these and anything else that piques my curiosity in this blog.

I also maintain pinax – a directory where I curate book recommendations by interesting people. Pinax is my attempt at figuring out the big questions in book discovery.

Outside of my work, this blog and pinax, I am passionate about fitness (handstands, these days). Oh, I also collect Indrajal Comics.

Don’t be a stranger! Reach me at  sp@sajithpai.com or  sajithpai

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No content or opinion stated in this blog should be taken as the official view of my employer, The Times of India Group. This blog is entirely my personal view.