Recently, I was invited by – the leading newspaper / news media trade blog – to join their roster of bloggers. My blog on INMA, titled Tech Trends, looks at the technology, products and innovations emerging out of Silicon Valley, and evaluates the implications and resulting opportunities for legacy media firms.

My first post, published earlier this month, was on Apple Watch, and how news media companies could leverage the product and the platform. The gist of my article is that presently almost all news companies (incl NYT, CNN) are focussing on notification-based apps for the Apple Watch – essentially trying to fit content into the small real estate of Apple Watch.

I suggest that they should instead focus on the signalling potential of the watch – a space where they have distinct advantages and one that also has bigger revenue potential than the notification approach.  As an example imagine a watchface that was a digital equivalent of a Je Suis Charlie Hebdo badge, and in future, say a smart band that glowed in response to events / news coverage. More examples and much interestingness in my article. Read here. And then write to me, and tell me what you think of it all!