I have been, for long, a keen student of the startup / venture ecosystem in India and outside. I find startups particularly fascinating, because to me, startups are the most obvious signals we get from the future. For each startup is but a hypothesis about the future manifested physically. I have satiated my interest in this space somewhat partially, through my writings and occasional pro bono advisories to startups. But there comes a time, when you want to move beyond these limited engagements to take on a more active ‘do-ing’ role, and ideally in a firm, which has a key stake in the startup ecosystem.

And that is why I have decided to join the team at Blume Ventures.

Karthik, Sanjay and the team at Blume have built it into a formidable force in the early stage venture space. One built around identifying and partnering with great founders, and critically supporting them not just with capital, but a slew of services via the Blume platform. Indeed, Blume is perhaps amongst the best vantage points to glimpse the future that is emerging in India.

I am delighted to be part of the Blume team, and to support their existing and future portfolio companies in taking their ideas forward.