Links to recent writings of mine. As usual, they happen on LinkedIn or other publications. My website seems to have become an archives list. That wasn’t the original plan when I started this website nearly a decade ago, though. Sigh!

  1. I wrote for online publisher Scroll about how Hindi is gradually but inevitably emerging as the Lingua Franca of South India. Shudder!
  2. Why Blume invested in Classplus?
  3. Why do VCs invest in loss-making startups? Don’t they care about profits? This was a piece borne out of a tweet-thread, written in response to a provocateur (or rather an online troll). Link here.
  4. Nosumer media. Content created not so much for the purpose of having it consumed as much as for benefits accruing from creating it such as podcasters getting to meet people they wouldnt otherwise, summarizers of content getting to learn, or signalling something about themselves. Link.
  5. I wrote a ‘reverse pitch’ (where VCs share ideas and invite founders to pursue these ideas) for Mint.

Taking stock now. I wrote 14 pieces this year. 3 of them were long tweet-threads expanded into articles, so that is clearly a bit of cheating. The most popular (and clearly important) one was actually the first piece I wrote in 2019 titled India1, Avocado Startups and Product Market Fit. Hmmm….clearly I need to write more (and better). Clearly, that is the objective this year.