I haven’t been updating this website as frequently as I have hoped to. But those who follow me on twitter or linkedin, would know that I have been writing regularly, with all of it being published on other websites or publishing platforms.

Here are links to some recent writings of mine, in order of recency.

  1. Reflections on one year in venture capital – I completed a year at Blume Ventures, an early stage investment firm; I look back at the Indian VC space, warts and all in this piece. An abbreviated version of the same was published in Quartz.
  2. I wrote for the Times of India about how first names convey social status and even class capital amongst middle castes in India today. Link.
  3. Thoughts on the Future of Work – essentially Blume Ventures’ investment thesis for this sector, which I wrote in 2 parts (Part III soon!) Here is Part I and here is Part II. These are a tad long, so if you want a faster read, here is a summary of the same that I wrote for Quartz.
  4. Why Blume Ventures invested in Procol – a startup that helps big box retailers and big food cos buy agricommodities cheaper and efficiently. Link.
  5. The 3 ways of paying for content online, and the new business models emerging around them. Link.
  6. What I found fascinating about the Netflix series ‘Made in Heaven’. Link.
  7. Swiggy’s proposed acquisition of Uber Eats (which finally fell through) and what it told us about ‘Threat Capital’. Link.